Kayak Fishing with Sky Lakes Wilderness Adventures

Kayak Fishing is The Best!

If you love fishing and have never fished from a kayak you are missing out. Kayak fishing gets you to the spots that few can find and usually that is where the big fish are hiding!. Here in the Upper Klamath Basin we have some of the best trout fishing in the country. 

The Wood River, The Williamson River, The Spraque River, Agency Lake and Upper Klamath Lake water systems grow the largest trout in the country, The Redband Trout. There is also German Browns for the taking.

These river systems are world class with people traveling from all over the globe to fish here. Our guides have lived and fished this waters most of their life and know what it takes to find the big ones. 

If you want to have a fishing adventure to remember then let us take you on one of our awesome kayak fishing adventures. Or if you prefer, we can hike into one of our local alpine lakes and to catch some.

The Redband Trout; As Big as it Gets! 

Chances are, if you catch a native rainbow trout in a river east of the Cascades, it’s a Redband.


As the name suggests, these fish have rosy red strip along their sides. Other identification clues include large, profuse black spots on the body and orange and yellow tints along the belly. These fish can get up to 30 pounds!


Redband Trout are a subspecies of native rainbow trout that have adapted to the arid, desert conditions of eastern Oregon. During drought years distribution constricts as streams dry and become uninhabitable. Trout re-colonize these streams during wet cycles, expanding the distribution. Prime trout waters are clear, clean and cold. Good trout stream habitat is complex, consisting of an array of riffles and pools, submerged wood, boulders, undercut banks, and aquatic vegetation.

Fishing in Sky lakes Wilderness. Kayak fishing for redband trout.

Alpine Lake Fishing in The Sky Lakes Wilderness