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Kayak The Best Waters in Oregon

The Upper Klamath Basin offers some of the best spots for kayaking in all of Oregon. We have The Wood River, The Williamson River, The Spraque River, Spring Creek, The Upper Klamath Marsh, Agency Lake, and Upper Klamath Lake. All are within about a 30 minute radius from each other. If you want to see scenic beauty while relaxing down a pristine river or floating across a lake and one of its marshes you have found the right place.

The waters in the Upper Klamath Basin originate under an extinct volcano (Mt. Mazama) which forms Crater Lake, these waters emerge from the mountain sides to form pristine spring-fed rivers filling the local lakes. Crater Lake, located in Crater Lake National Park, minutes away, has some of the purest waters in the world and the crystal clear waters flowing under the mountain provide some of the cleanest rivers you will find anywhere. 

The Upper Klamath Basin has lots of fish and wildlife for you to view and enjoy. Here, over 2/3's  of the birds on the Pacific Flyway visit throughout the year and use it as a rookery. Our Wood River Wetlands Tour takes you through areas where thousands of birds call their home and during the spring you will witness a spectacular wildlife display. 

Our river systems grow the largest trout in the U.S. called Redband Trout, along with German Brown Trout and other species. These Redband Trout can grow up to an enormous 30 pounds! If you want to go on a fishing experience you will never forget join one of our guided kayak fishing tours.   

WHAT WE OFFER For Kayaking:

We offer several ways for you to enjoy a kayaking experience in our beautiful area. 

1. You can join one of our many Guided Kayak Tours with an experienced guide with tours 7 days a week. We have a schedule of tours offered on our site (tours change throughout the year), but if you can't find one to fit your schedule we can change times dates and locations to make it work for you. Just give us a call or e-mail and we can work together to create your own custom trip.

2. If you would like to go without a guide we offer shuttle service to drop the kayaks off at a location of your choosing where you and family or friends can enjoy some special time on the water. When you are through we will come back and pick up the kayaks at a prearranged time and location. And if you need to be shuttled back to your vehicle after a float down the river, we can do that too.

3. If you do not need our shuttle or guide services and you have a vehicle to haul the kayaks just drop by our store and pick up your needed kayak(s) and return at your convenience. Whether you are going on a day trip or a week vacation we'll be here to provide your kayaking gear. Kayaks are all provided with required personal flotation devices (life jacket) and whistles.  

We also have a limited number of Paddle-boards and Canoes.  

Kayaking on the Williamson River

Kayaking The Williamson River

Spring Kayaking Schedule


Some Kayak Tour Details

This schedule represents just a small list of the kayaking we have to offer. We can do tours any day of the week morning or afternoon. There are many bodies of water in our area to enjoy and 3 hour, 1/2 day or full day floats are available. 

We have sit-in, sit-on and tandem kayaks available.

If the dates or times on this schedule do not fit with what you are seeking just give us a call or e-mail and we can adjust to fit your needs.

We limit our tours to 6-8 people per tour guide. Most of our tours are in this group size but we can accommodate up to 30 guests if you are wanting to do a group event. 

If you wish to use your own kayak, no problem we will deduct 30% off of our tour prices to use your own.

If you have never kayaked before we can give you a lesson before we set out. All of the waters that we go on are beginner level except the Wood River Headwaters which takes a little more skill due to the swiftness of the water.

Tours are limited to age 10 and above.

All tours must be booked in advance. 

For more information on specific tours click on the links below.

We also have a variety of other kayak tours and tours for backpacking, cycling, snowshoeing and hiking.

4 person total minimum clients needed per tour * additional fees may apply * Tag along with your own kayak on a tour is $40.00 per person

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Always Remember - Your Safety is #1

Kayaking is a Great Sport to get Involved In. 

Using our Kayaking Tips will help keep you safe. Kayaking puts you on the water, outdoors in places few can get to without a kayak. If you love the outdoors, you will love kayaking! Going down a pristine river, floating on an alpine lake, exploring the coastal waters, watching the wildlife, catching that fish of a lifetime or just hanging around floating with friends is a great way to spend the day! 

Know Your Kayak

There are specific kayaks for specific uses or water conditions, so you need to choose your kayak correctly. Some are for the ocean others for going down fast white water rivers or floating on calmer slow moving waters. Some are designed to sit in them while others are designed to sit on top. And there can be different gear needed on a kayak for different uses or conditions like fishing. Choosing the proper kayak and gear is important to remain safe. 

Know How to Kayak

It's important to know how to kayak. Paddling techniques, balancing, launching and landing, avoiding mishaps, keeping safe and knowing what to do when something goes wrong are all things a person should know BEFORE venturing off onto the water.  Taking a kayaking class, having a friend show you how and researching kayaking skills on the internet are great ways to get started.  And you can see some great videos here

Safety Gear

At the minimum always wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life vest or jacket and have an audible device such as a whistle or horn. Not only because it is the law, but it could save your life some day. If you are in distress, having an audible device can help alert people to your situation. 

Depending on the type of kayaking and the water conditions you will be in, you may need other kayak safety gear such as a helmet, when white water kayaking, a cockpit cover in rough waters or lighting when kayaking at night. Know your waters before you go and what you will need to be safe and  to be in compliance of boating laws. And don't forget a first aid kit. 

Wear the Right Clothes and Be Prepared

It is very important to wear the proper clothes to avoid becoming too cold, too hot or uncomfortable and burdensome.  Try to wear clothes that make you as comfortable as possible and allows for easy movement while protecting you from the elements.  And prepare to get wet, you are kayaking! In hot weather, getting wet can be very nice but when it gets cold it can be dangerous. Waterproof clothing, water shoes, neoprene wear, wet suites and bathing suits are all options for different types of conditions. Be aware of the weather and water conditions and plan appropriately with what you wear. Always bring a change of clothes to get out of the wet ones.  

Don't Forget the Water & Food

Kayaking can be strenuous which leads to dehydration and so does just floating around in the sun so bring plenty of water. Don't forget some snacks. it's nice to have something to eat when your energy gets low and your stomach starts growling.


Learn proper kayaking safety  & techniques prior to using a kayak.

Don't kayak alone. Bring a friend.

Avoid taking unnecessary risks.

Do not stand up in a kayak and stay centered.  

Adjust seat and foot pegs & make sure your comfortable before starting.

Don't drink or do drugs while kayaking.

Stay away from the wildlife you encounter.

Do not tie up to or tow other kayaks or tow other boats or objects.

Make sure you are in physical shape for the type of kayaking you will be doing.

Carry a first aid kit and proper gear.

Always stay alert while kayaking.

Always be aware of where your kayak is headed.

Do not overload the kayak. Kayaks have weight limits. Check before you load.

Don't drag kayaks across the ground. Having a hole in the bottom of the kayak is a bad thing.

Your safety comes first, before the kayak's. 

Our Staff are always eager to help. If you have any questions regarding any of the activities that Sky Lakes Wilderness Rentals provides, please don't hesitate to ask when renting one of our kayak rentals or other items!


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