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Kayak Rental (includes paddles, life vest & whistle)

All rentals require a government ID and credit card and sign our Sky Lakes Wilderness rental agreement. found here  

Maximum weight limit on kayaks is 300 pounds some of our smaller kayaks are less. Check with staff on your kayak's limit.


Sit-In or Sit-on Kayaks

$30.00  (4 hours)

$50.00  (8 hours)

Fishing Kayaks comes with Fishing Pole/Net (no other fishing gear)

$45.00  (4 hours)

$60.00  (8 hours)

Tandem Kayaks

$60.00  (4 hours)

$100.00  (8 hours)

Paddle Boards

$45.00 (4 hours)

$75.00 (8 hours)

Bicycle Rental (includes helmet, lock)

26" Men or Women  Mountain Bike or Cruiser - 21 speed

$20.00  (4 hours)

$30.00  (24 hours)

26" Tandem Cruiser Bike

$45.00  (4 hours)

$60.00  (24 hours)

Accessory Rentals

4 - Bike Carrying Rack that attaches in the tow receiver of your vehicle. 

$8.00  (4 hours)

$15.00  (24 hours)

Fishing Pole with Net

$8.00  (4 hours)

$10.00   (24 hours)


$10.00  (4 hours)

$15.00  (24 hours)

Kayak Cooler

$3.00  (4 hours)

$5.00  (24 hours)

Coleman Cooler

$4.00  (4 hours)

$6.00  (24 hours)

Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker

$3.00 (4 hours)

$5.00 (24 hours)

Fold-able Backpack 

$3.00 (4 hours)

$5.00 (24 hours)

10'x10' Pop-Up Canopy 

$6.00 (4 hours)

$10.00 (24 hours)

Canopy Wall

$1.00 (4 hours)

$2.00 (24 hours)

Folding Chairs

$3.00 (4 hours)

$5.00 (24 hours)

Snow Shoes/Poles

$10.00 per day

Snow Sleds

$10.00 per day

Ski Goggles

$5.00 per day

Ski Gloves

$10.00 per day

Guided Tours

Guided Kayak and Bicycle Tours are provided with kayak rental upon request or with guided tour events. Please contact us to make reservations.

Kayak & Bicycle Drop Off / Pick Up Fee

Shuttle Service If needed we can drop off and pick up the bike rentals and/or kayak rentals at destinations around the area. 

Our regular fee is $30.00 + $3.00 per kayak (local destinations) both drop off and pick up of the rental equipment.

We are limited up to 4 passengers and 18 kayaks in our delivery vehicle.

Minimum Rental Requirements

* You must have  current picture government issued identification.

* Credit Card required on all rentals. 

* It is best to try and reserve ahead of time.

* Cancellations must be made 24 hours before reservation to receive a full refund.


               Kayaks & Bicycles - $15.00 per hour

               After closing time returns - $20.00 per hour

               Hourly late charges start 20 minutes after designated return time

Kayak Rental & Bike Rental Reservations

All reservations are subject to approval of Sky Lakes Wilderness Adventures LLC. 

We reserve the right to refuse any reservations.

All person's wishing to rent any of our items must sign our RENTAL AND LIABILITY WAIVER AGREEMENT 

Once you make an online reservation you will receive confirmation of your date and time within 24 hours. Reservations may be cancelled up to 10 days prior of reservation date for full refund, within 5-9 days you will receive a 50% refund, no refund if cancellation is within 4 days of reservation date.  

There are no refunds due to weather conditions or non use.

Please call us at: 541-591-0949 to book group or guided events or to make arrangements for drop off and pick up services.