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We have a lot of Kayaking and other Outdoor Fun going on so take your time and enjoy our site. 

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We are located in Southern Oregon.


There are several ways that you can enjoy our services.

  • (1) Come in and rent some equipment and take it with you.
  • (2) Rent and arrange our shuttle to drop you at a location and we will pick you up when you are finished.
  • (3) Come along on one of our guided tours.
  • (4) Schedule a private guided tour.
  • (5) Schedule a group event for your organization or family party.


4 person total minimum clients needed per tour * additional fees may apply * Tag along with your own kayak on a tour is $40.00 per person

* NEW TOUR * The Spraque River Guided Tour







Natural Wonder!


Our Newest Tour

We found the spot you won't want to miss! 

This tour is surely going to be a favorite kayaking experience for everyone who come's along on this great trip. It lasts about 3 hours and is an easy float for those with a little experience. 

We are going to require some experience due to the small rapids that needs to be crossed, but not anything to difficult that a pleasure kayak can't handle. 


This trip starts every Thursday at 10:00 AM and ends about 1:00 PM in Chiloquin. 

For more information please give us a call.

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Book over the phone or in person at our location.



Recreational Rentals


or give us a call at: 541-891-0435

We provide a wide variety of recreational equipment including kayaks, bicycles, paddleboards, snow gear and  items such as binoculars, ice chests, pop-ups, fishing gear and  things that can help you enjoy the outdoors.

Our equipment is always well maintained with high standards to ensure it's safe use.  

We have sit-in, sit-on, fishing and tandem kayaks, 21 speed mountain bikes, cruiser and tandem bicycles. You can get a paddle board set up for fishing with a seat or ones strictly for paddling. 

Winter time brings lots of snow so we have snow shoes with poles, gloves, sleds and goggles for you to enjoy the snow. 


Guided Tours


or if you would like to speak with someone about a tour call: 541-891-0435

If you would you like one of our experienced guides to show you around, they love kayaking & bicycling too! There are some great places and things to see in the Upper Klamath Basin and we know just where to go.  You can join us on one of our planned adventure tours or we can help you plan an awesome event for large groups like a family reunion or wedding party.  If you like to be more by yourself you can book a one-on-one tour and get a more personal experience. Over 2/3 of migratory birds on the pacific fly stop in the Klamath Basin with thousands using this area as a rookery which gives this area some of the most diverse wildlife on the West Coast, so bring a camera to remember all the cool animals you might see! 

We most pictures of most of our events for you to see on our FACEBOOK PAGE

Kayak on oregon's pristine waters in the klamath basin!

Gorp guide outfitter recognized professional.

Guided Kayak Events

Come join one of our Oregon Licensed Guides to kayak on some of the most beautiful waters in Oregon.

You can choose from 7 days a week to join one of our pre-scheduled floats at 6 different locations.

We will provide the kayaks, and needed gear with a Guide to go along.

MONDAY -  Enjoy Malone Springs on the upper west side of the Klamath Marsh as we paddle along the Klamath Canoe Trail.

TUESDAY -  Enjoy the beautiful turquoise waters of Spring Creek located at Collier Memorial State Park.

WEDNESDAY - Float the upper Wood River starting at Jackson F. Kimball State Park we float down the upper reaches to the Kimball Park day use area. 3 hour float. ( some experiance needed).

THURSDAY - Custom Scheduling.

FRIDAY - Visit beautiful Harriman Springs Resort where we take you around the fresh water marsh of Upper Klamath Lake.

SATURDAY - Tour the Wood River Wetlands starting at Petric Park we go through the wetlands to the Wood River then down to and through Agency Lake and back. 3 hour float. 

SUNDAY - Go down the Williamson River from Collier Memorial State Park into downtown Chiloquin. 3 hour float. 

If you want to float a different stretch of river or lake on a different day of the week let us know. Custom trips are provided or if you want to go kayaking with your own group we'll rent you the kayaks to do that too. And we will even shuttle you to a location and pick you up when your done. 

Reserve My Kayak Tour Today!

Booking Information

Once you have booked you will be receiving an e-mail about 1 week prior to confirm the trips and to provide you with more detailed information. If you have any questions please e-mail at  skylakeswild@gmail.com or call 541-891-0435


Visit our Online Payments Page where you can securely make your reservation.

Some Places to Enjoy in the Upper Klamath Basin

Map of the Upper Basin

Kayak in the Sky Lakes Wilderness just south of Crater Lake National Park.

The Upper Klamath Basin has some of the most pristine waters in all of Oregon. Waters originate in the Cascade Mountain Range which  includes Crater Lake National Park and  the Upper Klamath Basin where these waters form the Klamath River and flow all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Map of the Upper Klamath Basin

The Wood River

Kayak the Wood River by Fort Klamath, Oregon in Klamath County. Kayak Rentals. Bicycle Rentals.

You can start at Kimbel Park near Fort Klamath, and float the Wood River through the Wetlands and out onto Agency Lake. An awesome nature viewing, 6+ mile journey. Or ride bikes around the secluded wetlands and enjoy the area by land.

The Williamson River

Kayak The Williamson River running through Chiloquin, Oregon in Klamath County by Crater Lake Park.

One of the favorite rivers in our area to enjoy kayaks on is The Williamson River. At it's starting point, coming straight out of the ground, it's beauty is unmatched as well as the World Class Trout Fishing it has to offer.

Spring Creek & Collier Park

Take your kayak rental and visit the Beautiful Pristine Waters of Spring Creek. Collier State Park.

Starting as a spring who's water originates from below Crater Lake National Park, Spring Creek, located at Collier State Park has some of the most beautiful clear waters in the Klamath Basin. And you will see beautiful Osprey's and Eagles who call this place home. 

Upper Klamath Canoe Trail

Kayak Rentals to enjoy The Wood River Wetlands in The Upper Klamath Basin near Crater Lake in Oregon

Start at Malone Springs or Rocky Point and take a nice 3 hour paddle trip to the other end while you enjoy the Upper Klamath Marsh and all of it's wildlife. 3/4 of the birds that migrate in the Pacific Flyway stop in the Upper Kamath Basin and the Marsh is a great place for viewing!

Upper Klamath Lake & Agency Lake

One of our Rental kayaks kayaking through the mouth of the Wood River at Agency Lake.

Upper Klamath Lake is the largest body of water in all of Oregon so there is lots to see. On the upper end it converges with Agency Lake with the Wood River flowing into Agency Lake. A bird watchers paradise! Heron's, Pelican's, Eagles, Gulls and allot more.

Find All the trails you need with this cool app named "all trails"

We Provide Family Fun for Everyone!

Sky Lakes Wilderness Rentals is located in the Upper Klamath Basin in Chiloquin, Oregon, on the Southern edge of Crater Lake Nat'l Park, we are surrounded by some of the most beautiful unspoiled country in the West. We provide kayak, bicycle, snow gear and other outdoor items to rent & Guided Tours to help you enjoy this wonderful natural area. The Upper Klamath Basin  includes The Fremont/Winema National Forest,  Sky Lakes Wilderness,  The Klamath River, Link River, Upper Klamath Lake, Agency Lake, The Williamson River, Spraque River, Wood River Wetlands and other beautiful scenic destinations such as Collier State Park and Crater Lake National Park. 

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Join our friendly Chiloquin kayaking club & HAVE SOME FUN!

Join us as we go kayaking on the waters of the Upper Klamath Basin and beyond. If you are interested in becoming a part of our group please sign up and let's get together. Also hear about Special Events and Guided Kayak & Bicycle Tours coming up so you don't miss out on our fun activities like bicycling the rim up at Crater Lake National Park or Paddle & Peddle Day out at The Wood River Wetlands.

Sky Lakes Wilderness Rentals

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For more information on any of our products or services e-mail us at the link below and someone will get back to you very soon. 

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