About US and Kayaking



I thought I should introduce and tell you a little something about myself. My name is Mark Cobb. I am the owner and an Oregon Guide.

I started this business because it is what I love to do and I want other people to be able to enjoy it to.

I've been kayaking for over 25 years now. living , working and playing around water has always been my calling. My parents owned a house on the water most of my life when I was growing up and when I was in my teens my father owned a commercial fishing boat for a few years and I was his deck hand. After working with him, I got my own commercial salmon troller and spent the next 11 years fishing the ocean. Then the tides turned on that industry and we had to move on.


To The San Joaquin Delta

I moved to the San Joaquin Delta, in central California where there is 1000 miles of waterways to fish and have fun on. But after commercial fishing, standing on the bank or just sitting in a boat with a pole seemed kinda boring to me so I bought a kayak to fish from, then another and another. (all three I still have and are in the pictures on this page) I got into, what I called extreme kayak fishing in rough open waters fishing for big fish, sturgeon, salmon, striped bass and shark (that's a baby sturgeon in the picture I threw back) Back then nobody was really doing kayak fishing, except perhaps Native Americans. I rigged my kayak with a car battery to operate a fish finder, attached an anchor set up, had to drill holes for my fishing pole holders and headed out.  

And I learned my kayaking skills.


And Now in the Upper Klamath Basin

In 2000 I was looking at different scenic outdoor places I could visit that had good waters and fishing and I came upon the Upper Klamath Basin here in Oregon. I have traveled all over the country and nothing compared to the beauty I found here with the amount of different rivers and lakes with pristine clear waters and GIANT trout. I was hooked and moved right away. I have been kayaking and fishing the waters of the Upper Klamath Basin now for 18 years and am still finding new areas to enjoy. This place is awesome and the wildlife is incredible. Come see for yourself, I would love to guide you around.

Mark Cobb, Chiloquin


These two kayaks,in the picture, are the first ones I purchased over 25 years ago. I still have both and the purple one is my favorite and what I still use today. Go Dagger!